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Welcome to Visit Mitchell – a portal to the heart of South Dakota's charm. Explore our vibrant city, home to the iconic Corn Palace and rich cultural heritage. From family-friendly activities to local dining, Mitchell invites you to create unforgettable memories in the heartland of the Mount Rushmore State.
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A Must-See Gem

The World’s Only Corn Palace

your great American road trip starts in Mitchell

As travelers kick off their adventure, they find themselves in the heart of the Midwest, surrounded by vast expanses of golden prairies and the iconic Mitchell Corn Palace. This unique destination, adorned with murals made entirely of corn and other grains, sets the stage for the road trip’s commencement. As the engines roar to life, the open roads await, leading travelers through the picturesque landscapes of the Great Plains.

Mitchell serves as the perfect starting point, offering a blend of small-town hospitality and cultural landmarks, creating memories that will linger throughout the epic cross-country voyage. The Great American Road Trip commences in Mitchell, where the spirit of exploration intertwines with the American heartland, setting the tone for an adventure filled with discovery and freedom.

Mitchell Area

Attractions & Activities

Mitchell beckons with unique attractions and activities for every traveler. History buffs can explore the Dakota Discovery Museum, while nature enthusiasts can unwind at Lake Mitchell. The Prehistoric Indian Village offers a glimpse into Native American life. From fishing to cultural festivals like the Corn Palace Festival, Mitchell promises a diverse and memorable experience for all.


Arts & Culture

Create on the 605 Magic Art Bus!

Mitchell Public Library
Arts & Culture

Farmers Market

Hitchcock Park
Vehicle Shows & Rallies



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