• I Am Mitchell

  • Tourism Ambassadors Program

    Want to progress Mitchell and your career? I Am Mitchell tourism ambassador program can help you do just that. This program is in partnership with Dakota Wesleyan University and will provide free training for front-line employees in Mitchell, SD. Learn what is in your backyard and gain a visitor's perspective, all while earning college credit. 

    You will embark upon a 7-week journey that will provide you an opportunity to develop, practice, and improve your customer service skills all while learning  more about Mitchell. At the end of this journey, you will earn 3 credits for completing this course.

    To sign up, please contact Tiffany Batdorf at Tiffany@mitchellsd.com. 

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  • Course Competencies

    1. Demonstrate a customer service approach.

    2. Resolve customer complaints effectively.

    3. Recommend Mitchell attractions and services to customers and tourists based on needs.

    4. Promote Mitchell to others. 

  • Course Layout

    This course is divided into 7 modules. Each module contains some required learning content, which will provide you with the background information and tools to be able to successfully embark upon your applied learning experience. Each week, you will have a lunch stop with your fellow classmates with a corresponding assignment, a tourism stop that you will need to make and a corresponding reflection, and 2-3 active and practice assignments to complete which are designed for you to practice using the skills and tools you are learning about in the module.


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