• Motorcoach Regulations

    Prior to entering South Dakota, you must register your FMCSA authority with your base state under the Single State Registration System. Your base state will collect fees and issue a receipt. A copy of the receipt must be carried in each vehicle registered. The registration fee is $5 for each vehicle you bring into South Dakota.

    IMPORTANT: You must apply for this authority prior to your arrival in South Dakota, and each vehicle must be able to show proof of registration. An interstate motor carrier who infrequently makes use of the state highways with a non-scheduled chartered bus may elect to pay for a single trip permit for the bus in lieu of registering the bus pursuant to South Dakota motor carrier regulations. The fee for the single trip permit is $40. Must show proof of liability insurance.

    If your vehicle consumes special fuel (diesel or liquid petroleum gas), you may purchase a special fuel user’s temporary trip permit for $20. It is valid until you leave the state of South Dakota. If you plan to operate in South Dakota on a regular basis, you may file an application for a special fuel user’s license with the Department of Revenue and Regulation. If you are licensed under the IFTA program in your base state, South Dakota will honor that license.

    If a vehicle is not displaying apportioned plates from an IRP State, the carrier can purchase a temporary trip permit (Highway Use Receipt) from the Department of Commerce and Regulation for a $15 fee.

    Temporary trip permits may be obtained by calling the South Dakota Permit Center at (605) 698-3925. South Dakota will honor the IRP plate and cab card as long as South Dakota is indicated on the cab card.

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